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The La Shot Photography Family added our first grandchild named Marie Cathrine Maynard


When the kids called me in the spring and told me they were pregnant I cried like a baby, it was the best news for our family.  When she arrived my heart burst with joy. Of course I was at an art show and could not see her till Monday.

Our first meeting was magical! Since then I have babysat, feed and burped her.

Our family is so blessed.

I visited the beautiful beaches of Cape May, New Jersey in August. & I reconnected with my camera!


Every morning I walked the beaches of Cape May, New Jersey searching for magic moments. With the water, the beautiful sand and the birds it was easy.  

Can't wait to show you my new 12x36 horizontal long framed canvases. They will fit in wide but not high unique spaces. 

I am suing my white washed and new navy blue wash frame, they look stunning!  

Then there were the amazing sunrises, warming your face with rhythm of the waves!


I experienced sunrises glowing with golds, reds and pinks. This was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. Listening to the sound of the waves and watching the morning's first light brings you so close to nature.

Also found beautiful grapes on the vine, ripe and ready for picking. Great for the kitchen and dinning room.

Make an appointment to have me come to you to decorate you home or office.


When decorating a room or wall in your home or office and you want unique photography not found in stores or on the internet.  Give me a call at 716-877-2463 to make an appointment.

I also provide custom matting and framing for my Western New York customers.


Call and make an appointment to stop by and we can create a masterpiece from your artwork.  I can custom mat and frame in a variety of color mats and frame moldings.

You will only be charged $12.00 per item for orders places on my website.


Orders places after December 13, 2019 have to be from available stock.  Out of stock orders will be custom printed and shipped after the holidays. Contact me with any questions.

The Young Photographer


David's Statement

 A photographer who was a trained accountant, gets a camera for Xmas from his Mom and his life moves in a wonderful new direction. After 35 years in business I have traveled to eight countries in Europe & 37 states in the USA.  I have exhibited in over 1,000 juried shows, sold thousands of pictures and have an amazing customer family and exhibitor family. With a wonderful family at home,

I am a lucky man.



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