Frame Selection & Sizes, Framed Canvas vs Gallery Wraps

Framed Canvas Giclees & Gallery Wraps

Three are my Framed Canvas Ciclees.

 Format Options & Materials:

I offer my work printed on premium certified archival Lyve Canvas. All my canvases are giclees, meaning that I use all archival materials (museum quality) and inks that won't discernibly fade for 150+ years (normal indoor lighting, no direct sun.) The canvas is coated with lacquer that enhances the fade resistance and also provides waterproofing and scratch resistance.

Framed Canvas Giclees:

  I mount the canvas giclee print on the sturdiest foam-center board available using a strong, durable and acid-free adhesive. Because my coated canvas is not susceptible to moisture, glass is not required when framing eliminating the annoying glare and loss of clarity characteristic of glass. 

I have a beautiful selection of frames for my Framed & Mounted Canvases.

My Scoop Wood Frames are available in Cherry, Walnut and Green and come in narrow and wide profiles depending on the size picture. Also available is a White Washed Frame, Square Black Frame and Wide Mahogany Frame.

The frame acts like a window, pulling you into the image giving it a 3D effect. 

Gallery Wraps:

 “Gallery-wrapped” means the canvas is stretched taut and wrapped completely around to the back of the frame so that the fasteners (staples) are not visible. I use 1-1/4 inch deep high quality, kiln dried wood “stretcher” frames.  I personally stretch each piece by hand to ensure a snug fit much like the head of a drum with no sagging. I print a mirror image on the sides that makes them look 3D coming off the wall.

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Frame Selection & Size Facts.


Frame Selections :

(From Left to RIght)

Wide Mahogany

Cherry Scoop

Walnut Scoop

Green Scoop

Square Black

Narrow Whitewashed

Wide Whitewashed

Size Facts:

 Actual overall size when framed:  

Framed in the 1” narrow scoop, 

white washed & black frames.

5 1/2 x 10 becomes 7 1/2 x 12
8 x 12 becomes 10 x 14
12 x 20 becomes 14 x 22

Framed in 1 1/2” wide scoop, 

white washed & black frames.

12 x 20 becomes 15 x 23
16 x 24 becomes 19 x 27
16 x 30 becomes 19 x 33
20 x 30 becomes 23 x 33
17 x 36 becomes 20 x 39
24 x 36 becomes 27 x 39

Framed in 2 1/2 wide mahogany frame.
24x36 becomes 29 x 41

28 x 42 becomes  33 x 47

Matted Paper Prints


Matted paper prints are for sale at the art shows or by
calling my toll free number at 1-877-452-7468 to see what is available.

I am printing most of my images on Canvas now

so not all photos come matted.