La Shot Photography by David D. Maynard


David D. Maynard's Biography

Established in 1984

 Celebrating 36 Years in Business

After graduating from college as an accountant, I received a camera from my Mom for Christmas.  I went on a quest to experience what the world had to offer and capture "magic moments" with my camera, my new best friend.  I now had an excuse to travel and have visited Ireland, England, Scotland, Italy, Germany, France, Wales, Greece &  37 states in America.   My images have a way of inviting you in.  My doorways, windows and gardens welcome you home,  my chair images entice you to sit and relax and my seascapes and landscapes take you where you want to be. You travel the world as you experience my beautiful work.   A quote from David "I have an excuse to travel the world and capture the essence of each beautiful country.  I want my work to find a happy home, be loved and enjoyed for many years."  Thank you for viewing my website. 

The picture of a very thin David, was taken in his first year of business.


A great day for the Maynard Family!


On September 29, 2018 we welcomed Sara Rauen into the Maynard Family. It was a beautiful sunny day and my best friend and I performed the wedding ceremony. Thank you to all our friends and family who shared our joy and excitement on that beautiful day.

In November we welcomed our first grandchild named

Marie Cathrine Maynard. We are all in love with this beautiful girl.


My Beautiful Children

This is a small family business where over the years my wife and children have supported me at the art shows and we have traveled to 37 states and many European countries. Our family is very lucky and we are looking forward to many more amazing adventures together.