Welcome to my Images of Hydrangeas & Sunflower.

Hydrangeas are one of the most beautiful flowers in nature and come in a variety of colors.

My most popular are the blue ones because they remind people of Cape Cod

and there are so few blue flowers in nature.

The Sunflowers were taken in a field in Rochester where a farmer plants them

in honor of his deceased wife. Such a beautiful story.

The colors of the sunflowers are so rich because they were taken after a rain storm.

The lilacs were taken on an early Sunday morning still damp from the dew.

 Select from my scoop wood, white wash, navy blue wash, gray wash or square black frames

or as a Gallery Wrap.

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Welcome to my Lilac Collection.

Thelma’s Lilacs in Bloom


I bring this lilac collection out in honor of my Mom, Thelma Maynard.
She unexpectedly passed away in the spring of 1993 while the lilacs were in bloom and also they were her favorite flower.  For a couple of years I could not acknowledge Mother’s Day because I was so devastated and would not photograph lilacs. It has been 24 years and it is about time I honor her memory and what an amazing mother she was.
Miss you everyday my sweet MOM!

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